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The Continuing Adventures Of
Prince Moody of Laughter -vs- The Evil Lord Pain.

{First published in " The Writers Folder " / The Pain Relief Center/America On Line}
© Mood Ring 1997, 1998 All rights reserved

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I am here by request of PRC Glen. Would not pain by any other name hurts as much? The cyber pen is mightier than pain and The Moody Man is here to fight the evil Lord Pain with the one weapon that can defeat him; HUMOR! And so we go to a galaxy far far away to the Planet Painia were the evil Lord Pain holds his subjects in bondage.

Their one hope is that Prince Moody of the Planet Moodia can defeat Lord Pain with Humor. However, presently, Prince Moody is trapped in the Swamps of Sadness by evil Prince Sir Disk of Hernia and his evil henchman Squire Arthur of It is. Will he escape and free Lord Pains' subjects from the house of Pain Chat?

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Episode 1

Prince Moody is trapped in the Swamps of Sadness not even Dr Prozac can assist him "Oh God of Meds send me help to defeat Lord Pain and his henchmen." cries Lord Moody. As he sinks into the Swamp of Sadness he hears four voices. It is the fabled Swamp Pixies WINGY, KATY, DYNA, and AQUA. They each grab a limb and pull Prince Moody to high ground and safety.Prince Moody has always been friends to the Swamp Pixies. They lead him to his ship the SS HUMOR and he blasts off for Painia.

Meanwhile, the Evil Lord Pain has issued the Edict of Workers Comp to deny any rights to injured subjects Lord Pain. Dr Denial of Meds continues to make the subjects of Pania suffer unnecessarily by denying needed pills. However, the underground resistance called S.T.O.P. {Subjects Tired of LORD Pain} plan a secret strike against their evil oppressor. Will they succeed? Will Prince Moody arrive in time?

See the next episode of the adventures of Prince Moody Man

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Episode 2

After being saved by the Swamp Pixies, Prince Moody rockets toward Painia . The evil Lord Pain has gathered his loyal PRC guards. Their assignment is to enforce Lord Pains' TOS rules and cast out any who break them. Lord Pain commands them to catch Prince Moody before he can break TOS rules.

Fortunately, for Prince Moody the PRC are slow to arrive. Within the PRC Guard are S.T.O.P. freedom fighters; Sir Metro of Rail and Sir Glenn of Miller; who are secretly trying to help defeat Lord Pain. Sir Glenn has set up a secret communication base on Writers World so Prince Moody can send his messages to other S.T.O.P. fighters.

May the God of Meds help protect Prince Moody and his fellow freedom fighters from being consumed by Lord Pain and his evil henchmen. So the battle of Prince Moody of Laughter versus Lord Pain continues until one day all Lord Pain's subjects can be free.

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Episode 3

Prince Moody received a distress call from the W/C World. The people are sent there by the inhuman and greedy Insurance Agents. They have been convicted with trial of various crimes against the state such as lying, faking, malingering and drug seeking behavior. They are denied access to doctors and kept in pain by withholding meds. They are told they are worthless and a drain on the State and are expendable.

Prince Moody, having traveled to many worlds, had dug up an old machine from the ruins of a dead planet. This machine has the power to transfer the feelings of one body to another. Prince Moody navigates his ship into orbit around W/C planet and turns on the machine. Instantly all suffering and pain of the people is transferred to the Insurance Agents. The people rejoice as the Insurance Agents beg for meds and relief.

Prince Moody blasts out of orbit leaving the fate of the Insurance Agents to the tender mercies of their victims, and continues on to Pania and the evil Lord Pain.

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Episode 4

Prince Moody after leaving the W/C world headed for Painia. However, The evil Lord Pain had set a trap for him. As Prince Moody's ship approaches a blackhole, Lord Pains Guards attack the ship, forcing it toward the black hole.

Prince Moody's ship was being pulled by the forces of the blackhole closer and closer despite Prince Moody's efforts to break free.Gravity increased, squeezing prince Moody, the ship heated up as he plummeted faster and faster toward his doom! Prince Moody regretted only that he would not live to help free the people of Painia.

Suddenly, as Prince Moody's ship was about to disintegrate, a tractor beam took hold of his ship and pulled it to safety. It was the members of S.T.O.P. {Subjects Tired of Lord Pain} aboard the U.S.S. Effexor. S.T.O.P. had found out about Lord Pains plan and came to Prince Moody's aid. Capt. Dam was there as well as first officer Walk and Whip, old shipmates from the U.S.S. Chat. And so, Prince Moody is saved to lead the forces of laughter against pain, the saga continues.

May theLaughter be with you.

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Episode 5

After his narrow escape from the black hole, Prince Moody leaves the U.S.S Effexor. Capt. Dam has informed him that two of S.T.O.P spies, April and Blue, have copies of Lord Pain secret plans. Prince Moody will meet them at the asteroid Klingon in the ring of debris around planet Uranus.

Upon arriving, Prince Moody is lead through an underground canal system to April and Blue. What they tell Prince Moody turns what's left of his hair white. Lord Pain plans to spread a Disbelief Virus throughout the system. The Virus causes those without pain not to believe the pain evil Lord Pain is inflicting on his victims. If this is successful, those suffering under Lord Pain will get no help or sympathy from family, friends, and doctors. They will be seen as fakers, and cry babies.

Prince Moody thanks April and Blue and vows to stop Lord Pains evil and devious plan to destroy his subjects self esteem through the disbelief of others. He prays to the great God MED that he is not too late.

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Episode 6

Prince Moody knows he will need help to defeat Lord Pains plan to use the Disbelief virus. There is only one place to get it. The Biker Planet. This is the only world that has been able to successfully resist Lord Pain. This fierce group of independent and freedom loving people have fought Lord Pain to a standstill. Like the Vikings of old, they are brave, loyal and fearless. They consider Prince Moody who has fought with them in many battles to be one of them.

As he lands Prince Moody thinks of one special Biker he looks forward to meeting again. For on the Biker planet both men and women fight in many ways.As he entered the Biker stronghold a familiar voice calls out to Prince Moody. It is, as he hoped, L. Spring. Prince Moody discusses with the Bikers the situation and help he will need to attack Lord Pain. When the others leave he turns to L Spring, looking forward to some rest and relaxation, when suddenly a Biker guard bursts through the door. Lord Pain has moved up the time table and Prince Moody must go now!

So near and yet so far, again duty and service and distance lie between Prince Moody and L.Spring. Prince Moody strides out and gathering his forces leaves to meet Lord Pain in battle.

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Episode 7

Prince Moody and his Biker force streak through the dark ether of space to intercept Lord Pains forces before they can release the Disbelief virus. Prince Moody meets with two freedom fighters Casper and Blue. They tell him that Lord Pains' lackey, CC, is setting up to release the Disbelief Virus on Planet Med where all doctors live.

Surrounding the planet are the forces of Lord Pain. Though Prince Moody is outnumbered he knows if the virus is released all is lost. He gives the order to attack. As weapons blaze Prince Moody puts into effect a plan only he knows. While Lord Pains forces are busy he will slip through in a small ship and destroy the virus.

He rockets toward the planets surface locking his ship on target at full thrust. Prince Moody has know from the start this would be a one way mission from which he would not return. As the ground surges toward him he thinks of his many battles and adventures and smiles. To die for your friends for a good cause is nothing to regret. So Prince Moody begins to sing the S.T.O.P. battle song over the intercom.

For a moment the fighting stops then silence. Moments later a tremendous flash is seen on the surface of planet Med. The virus has been destroyed, but what of Prince Moody? As the Biker forces withdraw, the hardened faces of these veterans are not dry. Has Prince Moody met his end on planet Med?

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Episode 8

As the ground rushed toward Prince Moody He prays to the great God of MED to help his people defeat Lord Pain and the evil PRC's. Suddenly the ship goes below 2000 feet at full power. Bells start ringing and lights flash on and off. There are muffled explosions and Prince Moody feels a tremendous pressure on his chest then blacks out.

This single man ship is of the old design for new colonies. It has multiple automatic safety devices. When the ship decended below 2000 feet it was going too fast and it automatically engaged the ejection capsule. Prince Moody, unconscious, was floating by parachute to the surface of planet Med.

On the planets surface he was observed by the great Dr DF who rushed to the scene. Dr DF found Prince Moody who was barely alive and rushed him to his hospital. Prince Moody's condition was stabilized quickly by Dr. DF. Prince Moody awoke and was greeted by Dr DF. Prince Moody was amazed to be alive!

Meanwhile a spy for S.T.O.P. known as Deadhead Jerry informed Prince Moody of a coming attack S.T.O.P. headquarters by the evil Ice Queen Penguinia. Prince Moody was anxious to depart but Dr DF, who had saved his life, insisted he stay untill he was well. The forces of S.T.O.P. owed a great debtto the brave and courageous Dr DF. Prince Moody would rise again to battle the forces of pain and evil until they were overcome.

May the Laughter be with you

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Addendum To Episode 8

In my last episode I failed to point out that the Evil PRC's were a few renegade members of the good, loyal, caring, considerate, loving, honest, trustworthy, PRC's that are helping the forces of S.T.O.P.
These few that abuse the position are despised by all the good PRC's. I hope this will clarify that part of the story., It is better to light the candle of enlightenment then curse the darkness. I write this in the spirit of love and laughter this story represents.

A Note from the Author

I will be dropping any mention of PRC's in the future from my story due to the fact that some PRC's fail to understand that my references to PRC's are intended to be humorous and not a comment on PRC's actions. I apologize to my fans and thank them for there support of the stories.
Humor could bring us together but oversensitivity and lack of understanding can only pull us apart. All who know me acknowledge I work hard to bring people together. It is ironic that stories I write to unite us have the opposite effect for some. For that, I am truly sorry.   -Mood Ring

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Episode 9

Prince Moody, now fully recovered from his wounds, bids DR. DF. goodbye and boards his new ship the U.S.S. Mercury. As he prepares to depart his new crew arrives. First officer Lt. Mogie of Oggie. Navigator Nutty of Budie and exobiologist Milo of Itis. They strap themselves in and Prince Moody gives the order to take off to Lt. Mogie. In an instant they are heading at Warp speed for the Ice World and Evil Queen Penguinia.

The Ice World is a forbidding planet. Once verdant with life, it has drifted from it's sun and become cold and nearly lifeless. Its humanoid inhabitants returned to the waters they evolved from and resemble the penguins on Earth. Short and fat, they waddle rather then walk and have use their beak to defend themselves. They are a fierce breed with a high level of aggression.

Lord Pain plans to drop them into the oceans of his enemies. The Penguinias have been infected by Lord Pain with a contagious disease. When they come in contact with others the disease is passed on. This disease renders people unable to understand other points of view and hence they become angry and fight among themselves. It causes people to speak before they think and have no consideration for the feelings of others.

This will make it easy for Lord Pain to enter and defeat the S.T.O.P. forces. Prince Moody and his crew must find a way to cure the Penguinians before Lord Pain can unleash them on his enemies. Will he be in time? Or will the forces of disharmony overcome the forces of Love and Understanding.

Find out in episode 10.

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Episode 10

While on his way to the Ice Planet, Prince Moody receives a distress call from PRC World. Evil lord Pain has dropped some of the infected penguins there. The PRC world is a loving caring place where those in need of rest and care can find safe refuge from the evil Lord Pain. "Change course to PRC World!" commands Prince Moody.

They travel at full thrust until PRC world is in sight. Upon landing on the broad boulevard of this tranquil planet, Prince Moody sees fires burning. He rushes out and his blood runs cold. There is death, destruction and fighting going on all over the planet. Some have fled, others are fighting and a few are trying to stop the carnage. Prince Moodys hands are clenched in rage. He shakes his fist to the sky.

"Lord Pain you evil monster you have poisoned this beautiful place with your evil, I will destroy you! You will not win! I will stay and fight until your evil is washed from this planet! I will lead those who will listen to reason with love, laughter and understanding until you are defeated, and then, Lord Pain, I will come for you! So be afraid! Be very afraid!"

Prince Moody turns to his crew. They act oddly, picking up pieces of metal and coming towards him. Oh No! They are infected! They move in closer, surrounding Prince Moody. He levels his Phaser gun at them. Can Prince Moody shoot his friends? Will he be overcome?

Tune in next week for episode 11 of Moody Man - Prince of Laughter.

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Episode 11

Prince Moody levels his Phaser at Lt Mogie, Nutty and Milo as they come toward him. They are infected with Lord Pains disease. As they come closer Prince Moody breaks out in beads of sweat, his hand on the Phaser is shaking, how can he shoot his friends? Then to the surprise of his crew he tosses his gun away. Looking at them he says;

"My friends, I can not harm you even if you are going to kill me. I understand that you cannot help yourself because of the disease you have. I will not raise my hand against you for I care for you all, do what you must do." The three look at each other then step toward Prince Moody, they raise their weapons then .........nothing.

They fall to the ground rolling around crying and moaning. Finally they are still. They start to get up but the disease has left them. Prince Moody has discovered that you cannot cure the misunderstanding and anger disease by force and anger. Only understanding and caring can cure those who are infected.

So, armed only with caring and understanding, Prince Moody his crew and a few others spread the word of the cure around the PRC Planet and slowly peace is restored to this beautiful place. Then Prince Moody and his crew rocket to the Ice World and spread the word there until even the Evil Queen Penguin is won over. The Ice World is now a member of S.T.O.P. and Good Queen Penguin vows to help fight Evil Lord Pain.

Prince Moody and his tired crew head for the rest planet of Hefner to recover their strength. Meanwhile Lord Pain is in a rage vowing to finish Prince Moody once and for all. He will spring his trap when Prince Moody is relaxing on the rest planet. Lord Pain licks his lips with anticipatiion of the end of Prince Moody. Will he succeed?

See in Episode 12 of Prince Moody.

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Episode 12

Prince Moody lands his ship on the pleasure planet Hefner. On this planet no desire of the flesh is denied to you. Only the best vintage wine the finest food and the most desirable women are there for your enjoyment Prince Moody, weary from his battles with Lord Pain plans to partake of all the planet has to offer. First things first however, so with a jaunty stride and a new spring in his step Prince Moody heads for the infamous Hotel Bordello. The Hotel Bordello is run by a mysterious Madam know only as RS. She was a women with an insatiable hunger for power, money and Men. Prince Moody had met her before and she was beautiful, seductive and tirless in the pursuit of pleasure. As prince Moody went to knock on the door it swung open.

The arrival on Hefner by the famous freedom fighter Prince Moody has not gone unoticed. There before him stood, in provocative pose and dress, a multitude of willing and eager female forms. In the center stood RS arms open wide to greet Prince Moody. He lifted her off the ground and she gave him a salacious kiss. He winked and wispered to her, "I have come here as a trick to fool spies. There is one meeting me here. It cannot be know she and I will be together, so we are here. I want your finest room. Two guards will be arriving with a package for me Let them in they will stand guard for me."

RS thought of the Many women in Prince Moodys life, Pen Casper, LSprings, Miloitis, Nutty, Winggglow, Kat, AT, AQHA, Happy, MaryJoan, Turkgirl, Ma, Dya, Bullet, Durn, xx31, LIL, and many others.
There was a knock at the door and the guards brought in a large box. In reality it was his love in suspended animation inside. The guards left and he opened the box and pushed a button on the container. It hissed and opened. Out she stepped in all her naked glory. They had agreed she would not speak so she could not be recorded and identified. The Moonlight fell upon her flaxon hair. Her round and firm breasts heaved with a sigh upon seeing him. Her eyes, a sparkling blue, met his and she moved swiftly and gracefully to embrace him. As they touched it felt like an electric current was passing through Prince Moodys body. All problems and dissapointments fell away, as a wave of need and yearning swelled within him. She began to quickly undo his cloths and led him toward the bed.

They kissed a deep and probing kiss their tongues intwined together, while his hands caressed her breasts. Then he kissed her throat then her belly then ... she let out a low sensous moan grabbing the hair on the back of his head and urging him on. He then began nibble on her ear as she nibbled on his,then they reached for each other and pulled themselves together. She inhaled a deep breath and he felt a warm and moist glow spread from his loins to his head. As they rythmicly rocked their lips and loins were glued together, the only sound heard was the heavy breathing and low moaning filling the room. They, were quivering with anticipation, their bodies waiting to erupt like a firery Volcano. Together they exploded with passion and power like an earthquake. They rode out the aftershocks until all their energy was spent. As they fell apart Prince Moody knew they both had the strentgh now to continue on with the fight. They both knew that when times were tough they would have this memory of love and passion to sustain them. Then he reached toward her again, after all a Prince should not go off half-cocked.

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Episode 13

Prince Moody, after leaving the pleasure planet of Hefner was heading toward his home world of Moodia. Suddenly his ship was caught in an Energy web from the planet Censoria. This planet was ruled by the secret priesthood of Crp. Their leader was the infamous Ortem. Their purpose was to impose the rules of Evil Lord Pain, and destroy any contrary opinions. Prince Moody was the number one enemy on their list, since he spread the truth about their evil deeds.

They brought Prince Moody into an anticeptic room where he was strapped to a table and a helmet was put on his head. The helmet was attatched to a machine. In stepped the leader Ortem. "Prince Moody, you are accused of spreading stories contrary to Evil Lord Pains rules. You are herby sentenced to have your brain waves manipulated till you agree with us." Prince Moody laughed "NEVER will I submit and tell your lies to others."

Ortem chuckled "We'll see", as the signal was given to start the machine. Prince Moody saw peoplehe knew as friends, they were saying; "Your a liar Moody, your a Nazi, we hate what you have to say." "No!" said Prince Moody and they dissappeared. The pristhood of Crp starting chanting; "You are wrong, you are bad, and were gonna drive you mad!" "NO!" moaned Prince Moody. "Recant!" they said. "NO NO NO!" cried Prince Moody. "Very well", they showed Prince Moody a scene of loved one and said "Recant or they will suffer!" "Never!" cried Prince Moody, then before his eyes they brought death to his loved ones. Prince MoodySCREAMED and passed out. When he awoke they said; "Will you now change?"

Prince Moody, his eyes still moist from tears suddenly smiled at his tormenters and said. "Like all tyrants you went to far, what do I have to lose now. I will fight you and Evil Lord Pain even harder now and win not for myself but for my loved ones and those who know the truth and yearn to live and speak truth to others!" Ortem flew into a rage s screamed. "KILL HIM, KILL HIM!" They turned up the power and Prince Moody cursed them. Will prince Moody survive or will he at last succumb?

See in Episode 14

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Episode 14

We last left Prince Moody being tortured on Planet Censoria. Prince Moody was nearing the end of his strenght when a shudder went throught the building he was in. A rescue party of his loyal followers had landed and were fighting their way in to rescue him. As his capturs fled, in came Major Milo of Itis, Wing commander Wingy of Glow and General Gamma of Boo. Prince Moodys heart lept at the sight of his friends.

Major Milo said "We got word of you being captured by these fanatics and your friends rallied around to save you!" They carried Prince Moody to their waiting ship and blasted off for the water planet Aquafer. Prince Moody had always loved this planet with it pristine waterways and sandy beaches. When they arrived however he was shocked! Aquafer's water was a seething caldron of filth and decay. It bubbled and oozed, a rotting stentch rising from it. Under the surface mutated forms battled to the death. The beaches were covered in oily scum and littered with dying and decaying sea creatures.

"What has happened here?" cried Prince Moody. Milo and the others with heads hanging low told Prince Moody that a dark and sinester evil force had entered the heart of this plain. Auquafer and its people had allowed themselves to be consumed by bitterness and hate and in their fury they had spewed forth their poisonious bile in the form of biological warfare that had infected the entire Planet. Prince Moody was saddened that Aquafer had degraded itself to this subhuman level.

"Is there no hope?" asked Prince Moody. The three friends looked at each other, Gamma spoke saying "Only if the people of Aquafer root out the evil in their hearts and souls and put love and understanding back in will things ever change." "Let us hope they do that." said Prince Moody "But until then, Aquafer will be our enemy. Let us go." ordered Prince Moody, as they left the hellish cesspool that was once the pristine planet Aquafer.

Moodring © 1997,1998

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