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Gary Shakerdge

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The Beat Is...

The Subject Is Love


The Beat Is...

The beat is precious,
The beat is vital,
The beat is constant,
The beat is flowing,
The beat is life.

Long ago, Sonny and Cher
Taught me how important
The beat is.
Moving us through life,
The beat goes on!
Humanity's beat reverberates
And will meander
through the future ages,
somehow, some way!!!!

And the beat does go on!!!!!

Gary Shakerdge © 1998

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The Subject Is Love

I have always thought that the subject of love to be a fascinating one. I do think people take love for granted. But to me, the way men and women fall in love is a very precious thing (even sacred) and should not be taken for granted. Since I've had a couple of wonderful love experiences myself, I would like to share my feelings with you on this very important subject.

My first observation about love goes back to when we were children. Most of us came from families where we learned to love. Our families loved us very much and we took refuge there in times of trouble. This is what families should be about.

However, we take it for granted that our families (our parents specifically) really had to love us from the very start. When we are teenagers, we discover love with the opposite sex. But now it's a whole new ball game. Now we're independent of ourparents and hopefully, we meet that special person.

What we are really doing is making a stranger love us by proving our self-worth to them. That is no small achievement! Of course romantic love takes time to develop. But I find this incredible: that we find mates who want to be with us and want toshare our lives. That's the beauty and the magic of what love could and should be.

I think before you fall in love with a person, you must see them in every kind of light and visa versa. You must get to know them intimately (talk to them extensively, share experiences withthem and do whatever it takes). I think lovers should know everything about each other, whenever possible. In my opinion, you cannot have anything between you. This is not an act, this is your life! No games, no secrets; that's what I say!

I think love means loving that person for who and what theyare. Be attracted to them for their personality qualities. I think people should ask themselves what kind of personalities they would like to live with and then go find the person with that personality. It's hard, I know; but you must try to do this. And ask yourself whether your own personality would be attractive.

Like every man, I like to look at beautiful women. It's only natural for women to look at handsome men. But I think I know why men generally have more of a sex drive. Even with the Women's movement, I suspect that men still pursue women. That's not to say that women don't pursue men just as forcefully. But I wonder about the marriage proposal; who really proposes to whom?

True love means perfect beauty, perfect joy and perfect peace. True love says, "Of all the people I've met in the world, I picked YOU to be my mate. I want to be with you in good times and in bad times. No matter what happens, I will be here for you, even after the mountains crumble into the sea!!! I will let nothing nor no one come between us; I have complete faith in you and I have a sacred bond with you. I will let you be your own person, to allow you your pursuits (whatever they are) to be a full person. Be free in spirit and let us rise above the unpleasantries of life to a place only we two can share in perfect and indescribable harmony."

A good society depends on how stable relationships are between men and women. It begins with a man and woman committed to each other; they, in turn, commit to their children; the family commits to society. In other words, love and compassion should flow outward, like throwing a stone in a pond.

To me, that's what true love and compassion are all about! It applies to every race, color, creed and disability. To be in love, I think we become a part of each other experiencing every joy and sadness together. And hopefully, that love and compassion a couple has for each other, will rub off on their fellow man!!!!!!!

Gary Shakerdge © 1998

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