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AnA Archives
Celebrating disAbility Culture!

Personal Stories

Empowering Stories by Folks dealing with Pain and Loss,
their challenges and triumphs, Accomplishments & Achievements.

Alex - M.S.
AVander - DS Mom
Brian Beattie - Bone Marrow Donor
CGoble - Near Death Experience
Denna - Fibromyalgia
Doris and Anthony - Our God Is An Awesome God
Esref Armagan (told by Joan Eroncel)
Frazld - Flying Up
The Godmother - CP/Special Education Teacher
Gossamer: A Typical CFIDS Day
Jayelle - Fibromyalgia
Jimmy- RSD
Jypsy - Autism
Karen - M.S.
Laura D - TMD  
Laurie Jean - Guillain-Barre & CIDP
Marcia -Lupus, Fibromyalgia, & Myositis
Misty - FMS & CFIDS
Pat - Unique Kids - Autism
Pat - Unique Kids - Blindness
Purple - TBI
RealityTX - TMD
Southern Lady - Adoption
Taffy - FMS
Taliesin - Bringing In The Light
Tracy - My Personal Autism Experience
Twilli - FMS
Webby - TMD
Winggglow - Angel Baby's Miracle


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