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Jimmy's Story

Jimmy and his dog
My name is Jimmy. I have a disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). You can get RSD from trauma to a limb, from a sports injury, from surgery, and also from having lighting striking you (there are 2 reported cases of this). Its a progressive disease in the Sympathetic nerves of your body that run along side your spinal column and they branch off into the other nerves going into areas of your limbs as well as your internal organs such as your bladder and/or heart.

The RSD that I have feels like I am constantly being burned by hot wax. It is constant chronic pain I receive from this and at times breakthrough pain that is unbearable. There are many medications that one can be put on to help control the pain but they all might work for one person and then not work for another.

There is so much about RSD that isn't known. They do know on the McGill Pain Scale its rated right up there or even over cancer. They know that it causes short term memory loss, also that it could cripple your limbs so bad that you end up in a wheel chair and/or some patients even bed bound. Its a disease that has no money per say going into the research for a cure on it. Its a disease that can, because of the physical unbearable burning pain, emotionally effect the patients life in all facets of it. It can effect the relationship between loved ones and neighbors. Between the pain management doctor to the patient.

There are many areas on the internet to research about RSD if you think you have it or someone else you know does. There are 2 main RSD support groups online and also a group called ASAP that I belong to that can help ease the pain from the mental aspect of it. I encourage each of you to visit these sites as they are well put together and offer so much good information to put to use.

If there are any further questions or comments you have please feel free to contact me at:

Jimmy © June 17, 1998

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