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Bringing In The Light

I have an interesting and, I think, rather cute tale to tell about when I was first learning to Bring the Light In.

My friend had told me how she felt after bringing the light in. She said it was EXHILARATING . And how after bringing the light in she was able to "zap" others with her love and light and protection that she had brought in.

Well, this interested me right off.So I went home to let the light in. The next day. I lit candles, I meditated, and I waited for the didn't come. I called my friend and asked wassup?? how do I do it? What am I doing wrong? What is the secret? She said, sometimes, in the beginning, its hard to bring it in or even to know what to visualize.She suggested standing under a light and then start my visualization. I did and it did work. It took some time to get it down pat, tho' and then learning the different colors for different things and all.

Then my friend told me how she brought the protective light and loving light in and protected her house and home and family and friends and filled them with love, too. Well, of course, I too, wanted to try this.

So, again, I went home and the next day. I lit candles, and incense, and smudged, and meditated and then I sat and tried to bring the light into my home. I COULDN"T! try as I might, nothing was working! I could bring light into me and I tried shooting it from there but I was but a newbie and this was not working! I kept visualizing the light coming down onto the house much like a spaceship shining its light upon it or a stadium light right above. But I guess I couldn't get it thru my roof! Who knew? I felt depleted. I felt a failure. I was sure I had mastered this during my one or two month trial.

So, yet again, I called my friend and pled my desperation. Why, I didn't want the only unprotected home on the block!? My friend asked me to explain what I was doing and where I felt my downfalls may be lurking. Well, I told her I was perplexed, I HAD TRIED ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! And then she innocently asked "Did ya ever think of opening the door and letting the light in?" Boy, I cannot tell you how HUMBLING that day was for me!!!!! Here I was burning my brain out trying to bring the light in through my roof (like my head, I guess)? that it never occurred to me to open the door or even a window for that matter.

Well, to make this already too long of a story - short I opened the door and welcomed the light in and I have been using light (much more intelligently, now, (I might add) ever since!

I just thought someone else might enjoy my very true story and maybe even see themselves in it sometimes we simply try too hard when the options are truly EASY!

Much love light and laughter to all!

Taliesin © 1997

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