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Blankets for Babies

One thing that I'm always curious about is how people spend their time and what that has to do with how they feel physically and emotionally. The fall is a time filled with all kinds of holidays and in North America the vast majority of people are faced with cold weather resulting in less time out of doors... and I was just thinking that maybe we could share a little bit of ourselves in this regard.

My life has always included community service. I'm not very clever with my hands, meaning that I don't do much in the way of handcrafting... at least nothing that is anything to brag about ;-) I know how to do a few handcraft  type things... I just don't do them well... but if inspired, I find it relaxing and a wonderful source of personal expression.

With holidays approaching, I always have a food and clothing drive this time of year. It's a great thing to do... years ago, I started a great project called "Blankets for Babies"... and the TMJ support group I was involved with made blankets to give to various places in our community... blankets were collected used from friends who didn't need them anymore, women (never got any men to make any) made one after another (by knit, crochet, or flannel sewing)... and we collected blankets each season for distribution... it was wonderful!!! I know the efforts of all those people were so appreciated by people who needed a little help.This is something that we got senior citizens to do (some of our mothers and their friends) with their empty time... and generally, it was such a success.

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