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Angel Baby's Miracle

A couple received a Christmas gift from a special friend. An electric candle lamp, with an Angel lamp shade. A wire was spun around the bulb to a sharp point, where the shade was to hang in the balance, and spin from the heat of the bulb. So excited, she plugged it in, and waited for the spin. Waiting and waiting, yet nothing. The light was bright from the small bulb and the heat was there, but no spinning.

The friend, in tears, said try another outlet, try another room...nothing. So on top of the entertainment center it sat among all the other Angels. Dozens of pictures, statues, books, poems and candles graced the room. What a peaceful experience it was to all. Candles always lit for the glow...the wings seemed to dance on the walls. There the lamp sat, unplugged but still beautiful and proud.

The couple had been married for 9 years, and had suffered 3 miscarriages, with no surviving children. Their hopes of being parents were almost nil, until March of that year. A baby girl 7 months old needed them. She belonged with them, what a family they made. So happy, so content, so thankful, so perfect, so right.

A Heavenly month went by. Adoption court was not quite finished yet. The birth family still had guardianship and visitation rights. There was a church dinner, they took her and disappeared. Frantically searching, no where to be found.....gone. Then two months later the call and the knock at the door, Angel Baby was found dead in her crib. Gone was this precious miracle, gone forever, always and forever gone. How, why, no answers were peace of darkness...the true pit of Hell had taken over.

The mother tried to pray, God please answer me, nothing could take away the pain. Each bout of physical pain was enhanced by a hundred fold. the mother had been disabled in an accident, and was in chronic pain. The emotional pain was even worse.

Fear, hatred, contempt, anger and pain were all consuming. All she could ask was why was I given this Angel baby? Just to have her taken with the other three lives that never made it to this earth? Her faith in God, family, friends, hope and love were gone. Always strong and the caretaker, she felt so alone. With all the physical pain she had daily she tried to go on. Not this time, no way, no more.? WHY WHY WHY ???

The darkness got darker, the panic continued to rise. Screaming to die, she pleaded "please, please let me die". One can only take and do so much, she was used up and left for dead even by herself. At least a hundred or so pain pills and a quart of vodka should do the job, as she went for the bed.

Not a stirring in the dark cold house. Going to blow out the candles and kiss Angel baby's picture for the last time, she saw a movement. Walking towards the sight she stopped in terror and in awe. The lamp, it was spinning. Rotations that were so fast, no light for it was not plugged in,. spinning, with an urgency not to be denied. Could this be a miracle from her baby ?? A connection from her saying I am here mommy, hear me laugh, see me play, I am happy mommy I am OK.

Thinking that she had gone insane she did not say a word...went to the computer to say her goodbyes. A letter from some one, a prayer partner from Sanctuary, that she hardly knew. It was a Mothers Day Note titled "Thinking of You". She read the note and could not believe what it said:
"...Dear friend...your babies don't want to see their mommy cry, they cannot stand to watch their mommy die. Rest assured they are in Heaven, this you do know, for deep in your heart they do love you so.I know that you are in so much pain...please look for the Sun through the pouring rain...You have so much love that you do share, just remember we need you, and believe that I care..."

The lamp was still spinning. Tears streaming down her face, she threw away the bottle and pills and fell into a peaceful slumber.

Thank you for letting me share my true Miracle with you.

Peace.... Winggglow (Marie*) © 6/24/97

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