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Today as I looked at the clear blue sky,
Not one cloud was passing by;
As the leafy trees fluttered in the breeze,
I imagined I lived a life of ease.
My life was surrounded with beauty and joy,
There were no intruders to distract or annoy.
My every want or need was fulfilled,
I lacked for nothing, simple or frilled.
I imagined a utopia with no tears or pain,
It was a perfect life I sought to claim.
But even as I walked along life's road,
Pain emerged from my Spirit's abode.
Pangs from the body, aches from the heart,
Oh why must I continue to play this part?
Fibromyalgia is a cruel disease,
Not one part of my body does it please.
Yet I press onward day by day,
Closing my eyes and imagining the pain away.
If imagination is a preview of life's coming attractions,
I can let my mind soar, ignoring distractions.
For that moment in time, all is bliss;
Sorrow and suffering subside, nothing is amiss.
I know these envisioned ideals cannot last,
Blissful moments disappear all too fast.
So I'll look for the joy in life's little things,
For in them is the best that life brings.
Yes, adversities in my life will surely appear,
And sometimes they'll seem more than I can bear,
So I'll take a deep breath, and close my eyes;
For in my imagination all adversity dies.
I'll cherish the moments for the pleasure they bring.
And express gratitude to God for each joyous thing.

KPlass © June 7, 1997

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