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Life Raft



Are you disheartened, feeling low,
dreams unfulfilled made long ago ?
Bills mounting up, Christmas drawing near,
take a walk in the woods, perhaps you'll find cheer.
I think God knows our spirits need lifting,
from His palette rich hues start drifting.
Brush strokes of love taking the form
of a spectrum of colors on the trees to warm,
His people's hearts and make them aware
of the autumnal beauty, the knowledge He's there.

Twilli4097 ©

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Life Raft

surging pain
amid ship-wrecked broken bones
engulfs my heart with crushing waves
as it goes on and on.
suspicious doubts
gorging gluttonous sharks
I have no answers my life is
serrated with question marks.
torrential worries
drenching deluging blows
I cannot swim The Waters of Life
I've finally ebbed too low.
Biblical Job!
Titanic trials overwhelmed.
My raft of faith will persevere too,
against tidal waves at the helm.

This is Nancy's "Fibro Poem". The first verse is about pain, the second is doubt, and the third is about worries. Since theses are ongoing emotions, Nancy uses no punctuation to emphasize this. The last verse is HOPE. Nancy begins and ends her poem on this note.

Twilli4097 ©

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