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Ken Henderson

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The Dragon

When the dragon comes a creeping
in the dark hours of the night
my wife is in bed sleeping
and I'm preparing for the fight.
He tells me he'll never let me go
he'll return from time to time
that I'm his favorite "whipping boy"
and my life no longer mine
I wonder should I call for help
get her up to lend a hand
her voice would be such a comfort
her strength would be so grand
But this dragon is too cunning
he's known, that since we met
that no one else can see him
except the one he's come to get
So I know if I'm to beat him
I'll have to do it on my own

dark hours are filled with so much pain
in every muscle, joint and bone
The doctors advise to me
if I'll try the best I can
just grit my teeth and get on with life
and stand up and be a man
So I'll struggle by myself again
and I'll resist with all my might
I'll try not to stop and think
of how many hours make up a night
My muscles he will rip and shred
my flesh he sears and burns
my ribs he will crush again
my intestines cramps and churns

For four years I have fought with him
he wins most every night
I fear to go to sleep again
I hate his evil sight
Sometimes I think of the cemetery
and all those resting souls
is that the way to escape his grip?
to lay down in one of those holes
He robs me of my self-respect

in my mind he places doubt
I try my best not to let him in
but impossible to keep him out
This night will pass slowly
the sun once again returns
I will smile and say "good morning"
no one sees the cuts and burns
I drag myself off to work each day
and meet each person with a grin
if only they could realize

the fight I've just been in
When the lord calls me to the pearly gates
with a new future to prepare
I hope and pray for just one thing
The Dragon won't be there!

Ken Henderson © 1998

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