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All About Me

I thought I was a tree, standing stately, straight and tall,
I said, "Lord look at me!" I thought I knew it all.
The Lord, He took His axe, and He chopped me down,
He said, "A tree? Look at thee, with thy face upon the ground."
So, I thought I was a star, shining bright and cold,
I said, "Lord lok at me, there's nothing I need to be told."
I thought I knew it all, so the Lord, gave me a touch,
He said, "I see you fall." ... I didn't know very much.
The Lord, then He took me, in the palm of His Hand.
He showed to me the universe, So lonely and so grand.
He said,"This I created in the twinkling of an eye,
How is it you profess to know one atom as much as I?"
Then as I had been humbled and brought down to my knees,
I saw the Lord didn't hurt me, my attention, He wanted to sieze.
Now I am listening more and talking less, the Spirit tells me things,
I am helping those who need a hand, and my heart within me sings.
So hear me well, and hear me now, don't put the Lord to test,
He knows your thoughts and all your deeds and wants your very best.
He will bring you low and lift you up, just as the Bible says,
He will give you peace and joy and love, from now through all your days.

Fran aka Mbwmw © 1997

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Eternal Jewels

I see diamonds strewn all about,
Emerals and citrine in a joyous rout,
An explosion of sapphire and of gold,
An abundance of riches, wealth untold.
~I can't hold it~
It's not really real~
It's really God's diamonds in a large grassy field.
Hi emeralds, His rubies, Beautiful to behold,
Yet so fleeting~~~ Along with the gold.
Our lives are so empty without God, you see,
With Him we have riches for all eternity.
Yet first we must open our poor, blind eyes,
To see all the gemstones, God drops from the skies.

For dew on an early morning lawn,
Will bring you untold riches~~But, not for long,
'Cause as the sun rises, the dew fades away,
And so do God's diamonds~~For another day.

This was inspired by the morning dew on the grass of my lawn.
If you look, you can see wonders all around you.....Even Diamonds in the grass....

Fran aka Mbwmw © 1997

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Let's dance in the rain~just to forget our pain,
Let's smile at the sun~don't watch TV--just for fun,
Let's all go outside and make a circle round,
Join hands with everyone that can be found.
Let's sing and play as when we were young,
Let's hug and kiss~make our love far flung,
Everyone of all races and every nation,
Would be a part of our congregation.
All the corners would be empty~ No Jail, full,
All the hospitals deserted~No one at all cruel,
the rain soft and gentle, mixed in with the sun,
The grass green and tender~makes you want to run.
Let's be joyful and sing a song,
Let's ALL be happy and sing along,
Let's all wear a smile~ No where a frown,
Let's all be kindred and pass the love around.
For, today is now~ Tomorrow not yet here,
Let's put away all prejudices, hate and fear.
Let's be honest and open and hold ALL dear,
Let's just DO IT~~ YA HEAR?

Fran aka Mbwmw © 1997

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They Eat Glass

There is a thing in this world of pain.
We laugh at it, cry with it and laugh again.
"They" call us crazy, lazy and whiners,
We long to argue, refute and give "Them" shinners.
Our pain and frustrations "They" don;t understand,
And in the depths of our Depression "They" say,
The darkness beckons and offers relief~
But it doesn't tell you of the enormous grief,
That you leave behind for the ones you love.
Sometimes we reach for the darkness! we push, we shove,
Can anyone explain why we wish to destroy?
Why do we want to "Eat Glass", maim and annoy?
Doctors don't see or they won't understand,
Our friends can't touch ~ "A SIGN!" they demand.
Our bodies look fine - no rashes or sores,
No wounds or lumps-just symptoms galore!!
It is 'our' failure ~ "They" all rant and rave,
"your sloth is your enemy ~ yourself` you can save".
So much advice - so little understanding,
So many remedies~ "Try them all"` "They" are demanding.
But the darkest hours before the dawn,
They don't see us in the circle of pain ~ FIBROS pawn.
We suffer in silence, bite out knuckles against sound.
Don't wake "Them" up, don't let "Them" see.
Our bones creak and groan~ our joints in agony!
And yet "They" yell 'do this' ~ do that',
"They" pull their remedies from a hat.
I grow so weary ~ tired ~ to the bone,
If "They " can't help or understand us
Why can't "They" just love us as we are?
Why must "They" our psyches continually scar?
Our families are the same, we love them still
Tho' from time to time - they forget we are ill.
So we form message bards and rooms to chat,
We reminisce, rejoice, support even gripe about the cat.
We hang together as in
"One for all".
As long as we continue`

Fran aka Mbwmw © 1997

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