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Rage Against the Pain

I stand on the mountain top and rage against the pain but no one hears. I go to the deepest part of the ocean and rage against the pain but no one hears. I go to the icebergs and rage against the pain and no one hears. I go to the Hottest jungles and rage against the pain and no one hears. The pain is a force, a being and alter ego that torments me, laughs at my rage, humiliates me, it wants only one thing to break me. I look at pain and say you can try your best but I will rise from the ashes of myself like the phoenix and you shall not have me. I have turned the tables for now Pain rages against me.

© Moodring 9/18/97

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I wrote a story about pain, to help the people through the rain,
but some it seems are never free, they read it all and turned on me.
They made me mad and made me sad, for I now felt that I'd been had.
But then I thought its pain you see that made these people turn on me.
I wrote to them to say I knew, the things that pain can do to you.
Some understood and now their free, alas some of them will never see,
I do forgive them for its true, when your in pain the things you do,
you will regret when you are through.
I know these things are really true,
for I am guilty of them too.

© Moodring 10/31/97

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My Companion

I first met my companion pain several years ago. I hated my companion with all my heart and soul but my companion was persistent and steadfast in staying with me. I cursed my companion, and demanded it leave me. But my companion could not be cursed or scolded away. My companion wore me down so I did not want to go on, this scared my Companion and it would not leave but moved me to seek help. Finally while I did not like my companion I knew I must come to terms with it. So I told my companion you have taught me patience, understanding, compassion, the will to overcome, and something to fight against. The Companion learned from me that I will not give in be overcome or become bitter and spiteful no matter what my companion does. So we live in an uneasy truce. Each watching the other for weakness and a chance to win. Each acknowledging we must live together or die, the choice is up to us.

© Moodring 10/31/97

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I am sinking into a black hole into which light cannot enter.
Pain sucks the marrow from my bones and my will is controlled by a pill.
I am racked by spasms of nostalgia from the past and look upon a bleak future
like the landscape of a city after a nuclear holocaust.
What cruel and inhuman joke has cast me in this part
to play a broken fool lashing out impotently at his tormentor.
A Jester for pains pleasure and amusement.
A cold burning rage like bile comes forth from me to curse the fates that have brought me to this place.
I will not be the cat's paw of the Gods. A plaything to be trifled with at their whim .
I will, like Don Quixote, tilt against the windmills of my life.
I will not go lightly into that good night but will rage against the dying of the light.

© Moodring 10/31/97

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Take the short road to my house
get there quicker then a mouse
ask no one to call me down
for its you who wear the crown
pick some roses from the hedge
lay them gently on the bed
If you see me while asleep
its the real me you'll keep
take the long and scenic drive
it will keep our love alive

© Moodring Jan 29, 1998

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Is what I ment what you think I said, or is it only in my head
Is my meaning clear as rain or confusing to anothers brain
Are my intentions understood, or not interpeted as they should
Is the language use ok, or does it lead you all astray
can I make my meaning clear or does it fall upon deaf ears.
does what I want the world to see, make an enemy of me
For when a writer is unclear , it is the writers greatest fear.
to enlighten I've been told, you have to be a little bold.
A tear does glisten in my eye, to think I made some of you cry.
but joy is also in my heart, I wrote the truth and thats a start.

© Moodring Dec, 30, 1997

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